cropped-cropped-img_3870.jpgI’m a graduate student, a plant enthusiast, an agriculturalist, an over-thinker, a food and craft beer junkie, an obsessive gardener, a Pennsylvania native, a yogi, chaser of genuine moments, a hiker, a girlfriend to a wonderfully passionate, caring, & brilliant man, a forager of wild edibles, a sight-seer, a dreamer, a planner, a life-long learner, but most importantly.. 

I’m a wildly curious soul. 

Ultimately, through my thoughts, adventures, and ramblings I hope to inspire your interest in the beautifully complex, natural world around you. Maybe you’ll start hiking more, identify a plant you see growing along the sidewalk, buy that field guide on harvesting wild mushrooms, buy a house plant, or possibly even start that garden you’ve always talked about. Maybe it’s none of those. Maybe it is something as simple as you read my post and were able to answer somebody’s question because of a random fact you retained from it. In fact, that would be one of the best scenarios. Having conversations about something other than the news, what you saw on Facebook, or your to-do list a mile long. Talking about things like this encourage learning, teaching each other, having genuine moments, building each other up, intriguing an interest in nature, and bringing a greater relationship between man and nature is the large goal.

In my eyes, being curious is the first step.